Ecotech Energy – One of Australia’s Leading Solar Panel Companies

Ecotech has been looking into new and innovative ways to help reduce your costs of living without having to compromise on your quality of life.
Energy is all around us, and there is an ever increasing number of technologies that can help us all do more with less – solar power being just one of them. Harnessing these varied technologies to deliver the best energy outcomes for our clients is the vision that has led us to create additional ways to save. As one of Australia’s premier solar panel companies, Ecotech Energy has discovered a range of clever ways to help you further reduce your energy costs, generate more power, or simply spend time in the comfort of your home, guilt-free.

Ecotech. It’s where logic and savings sit comfortably under one roof. Yours.

For qualified service and advice from one of Australia’s premier solar power companies, get in touch with EcoTech Energy today. Contact us to get a preliminary quote emailed to you now.

Brightening Your Day With Solar Power.

Clean, Safe, Renewable. Why Not? Cleaner Energy for a Cleaner World.



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The Seaga Group has been researching the benefits of going solar for sometime however, there was an underlying issue with the roof as it was asbestos – READ MORE

- Seaga Group Pty Ltd

The committee had reviewed other proposals, and chose Ecotech Energy based on their detailed attention to our needs plus their problem solving availability – READ MORE

- Owners Corporation West Melbourne

The final design and installation was a credit to the Ecotech Energy Team, their professionalism and attention to details was exemplary.We are very happy with the end result and performance of the System is astounding. The SMART Panels were a great addition to the design – READ MORE

- Mr. Travis Grieve Practice Manager

The team at Ecotech handled the entire process very professionally and without any pressure or fuss.

I am very happy with the installation and the quick connection to the grid.

I look forward to getting the benefit from the system for years to come knowing that Ecotech are monitoring the system via the online portal.

- Bob Martin Patterson Lakes VIC
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