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Benefits of solar water pumping

Solar water pumping for surface and bore water is ideal for uses in many Australian environments – after all, Australia has some of the most sunshine in the world. That’s why solar pumps are a popular choice for watering livestock, crop irrigation, industrial water supply and even residential and swimming pool applications.

So, what are the benefits?


Solar water pumping systems are incredibly reliable, and are an ideal choice where no grid power is available.

Reduce Your Fuel Costs

Most water pumping setups are run by either diesel or electricity from the grid. By installing a solar pumping system, the sun does all the work for you. And even if you run a backup generator, your fuel costs will tumble. Imagine reducing your fuel costs by $100,000 or more per year!

Low Maintenance

Maintaining a solar system requires minimal work and maintenance. This is incredibly important when your pumps are located miles from anywhere. And if a solar panel is damaged or needs to be replaced, it’s just a matter of swapping it over for a new one – no major repairs or system works.


Solar water pumping systems can be small, or very large, depending on your needs. Need to add a water storage tank? No problem. Need the water pumped to a second irrigation pump? Easy. If you need to move water, a solar water pumping system is an ideal choice.

And the fact that the sun is powering the system, our systems can be installed just about anywhere.


Using the power of the sun emits zero emissions, reducing your carbon footprint.


Most systems allow owners to remotely monitor the performance and flow rate through a mobile app, giving you control from anywhere.

If you want to find out more and speak with our Agriculture Solar Expert, give us a call on 1300 944 354 or click here.

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