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Commercial Solar Finance Explained

Many business owners think a huge cash outlay is needed to invest in solar. But, there's a heap of finance and payment options, with most requiring $0 upfront!

Whatever the size or type of business, finding funds to outlay and managing cash flow can be a daily challenge. Our energy experts are here to help with a range of flexible payment options to suit your needs and situation.

We’ve done our best to explain some of the more common payment options available.

Cash Payment
If you’re looking to purchase a solar system outright, we can design and install a system suited to your needs. You’ll have full support throughout the entire process, from design through to installation and connection. In most cases, paying upfront for solar can deliver the greatest financial benefits and overall return.

  • You own the system from day 1
  • No interest to pay
  • Tax and depreciation benefits
  • Progress payment or lump sum terms available

Commercial Lease
Get all the benefits of energy savings without the capital outlay with a lease or rent-to-own plan. With the energy bill savings and fixed monthly payments, your ongoing repayments are generally less than your energy bill previously. And at the end of the lease term, you own the system.

  • $0 solar – you pay nothing upfront
  • Low fixed monthly payments
  • Immediate bill savings
  • Repayments may be fully tax deductible
  • Flexible terms

Commercial Loan
Getting a standard commercial loan for solar through the major banks and lenders can be a nightmare. We have done all the hard work and can organise a highly competitive solar loan through our partnership with leading lender Macquarie Group.

  • You own the system from day 1
  • Retain working capital in your business
  • Tax benefits on depreciation & interest
  • Choose our loan partner or your own lender

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
Want cheap power? A PPA could be for you. You get solar installed at no cost, and agree to purchase the power generated from the system at a drastically reduced rate. At the end of the term, you own the entire system.

  • $0 solar – you pay nothing upfront
  • No loans, finance or interest
  • You buy cheap energy that the system produces
  • The system is fully insured & maintained
  • Own the system at the end of the term

Green Loans
To further incentivise businesses to invest in renewable energy, the government has introduced low interest green loans, for purchases of environmentally friendly or sustainable products and projects. You can expect to save between 2-4% off a standard interest rate, but make sure you shop around to get the best deal!

  • $0 solar – no initial outlay
  • Tax benefits on depreciation & interest
  • Immediate bill savings
  • Low interest terms

For some great no obligation advice on your solar options, get in touch with our energy experts for a chat.

*The above information is to be used as a guide only. Please seek professional financial advice before entering into any loan or finance contract.

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