Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar Systems

A Strategic Advantage for Australian Businesses

The threat of continued electricity price rises poses significant challenges for Australian businesses. Installing Ecotech Energy commercial solar panels represents a solution which can reduce electricity costs immediately and significantly cut business risk going forward. Solar energy is a significant aspect of any business sustainability program, plus commercial solar systems offer a wealth of benefits and advantages, including:

  • High investment returns
  • Immediate cost reduction
  • Reduce business risk
  • Reduce carbon emissions & make a visual statement
  • Shading of your roof and associated cooling effects
  • Nil capital outlay / cash flow positive options available

Whether you’re looking for solar panels for factories or any one of our other energy saving solutions, contact Ecotech Energy today.

The Ecotech Energy Difference

Ecotech Energy, based in Melbourne with offices in Regional NSW, is one of Australia’s leading providers of commercial solar systems.

We emphasise the commercial benefits when providing you with the information you need to make an investment decision. We’ll provide a fully customised proposal that considers your electricity consumption profile, your current and future electricity tariffs, plus a full assessment of your facilities suitability for commercial solar panels. The final report will include:

  • System yield
  • Investment return
  • Payback periods
  • Net Present Value (NPV) analysis

Projections & Modelling

Commercial Solar is like any financial investment – it is vital to understand all the elements of that investment; things like cash flow, capital expenditure, risk, and maintenance costs. It is these elements that determine if a project is a good investment, making it vital to develop a financial model for the project which encompasses these things.

For commercial solar, this is important for sizing the solar system correctly. Over sizing the solar system on a commercial building can lead to wasted production and over capitalisation. Likewise, under sizing can result in lost opportunity for higher marginal returns.

Ecotech Energy can prepare a detailed financial model for investment in commercial solar panels whether the total installation job is large or small. Typically, the financial model will factor in:

  • Upfront capital cost or lease payments if a no upfront capital option is being considered.
  • The specific electricity consumption at the site. Ecotech Energy can extract the last 12 months of electricity usage data from your meter right down to 30min intervals. We can then give you an accurate estimate through your historic solar production to establish what various sizes of commercial solar systems will achieve.
  • Electricity production of the solar system.
  • On-site solar utilisation rates.
  • Variable electricity price rise assumptions (high, low and customised assumptions).
  • Solar panel degradation and minimum warranted output.

Ecotech Energy can provide you with this full financial model, including data and assumptions, allowing you to make a fully informed investment decision. Our comprehensive monitoring solutions will also allow you to validate your investment decision post-installation.

Additional Benefits of Commercial Solar Systems

In addition to being a great financial investment, commercial solar panels deliver benefits in many forms. Among those benefits are:

  • Reduced energy costs and lower ongoing business risk

For businesses that consume electricity, the next five years provide significant uncertainty with the threat of continuing electricity price rises. A solar system allows a system owner to produce a portion of their own electricity requirements on site, thus removing some of this uncertainty.

  • Reduced carbon emissions

Commercial solar systems can help a business directly reduce carbon emissions – even solar panels for factories. Electricity generated from a solar system produces no carbon emissions. The fact that it is generated “on site” with no transmission losses means it offsets even more than it generates.

  • Reduced electricity tariffs

Installing a solar system can make your business more attractive to an electricity retailer.

Commercial solar systems will typically produce electricity at times that coincide with peak demand (and highest prices) on the wholesale electricity market. Thus your retailer has less electricity to purchase at premium rates. Retailers are also levied a fixed charge based on a business’s usage at the network’s peak demand points during the year. A solar system can directly reduce that charge.

Based on the above, the installation of a system may allow a business to negotiate a better tariff (from their existing retailer or a new retailer) on the electricity that it does purchase. Ecotech Energy can assist with this process.

  • Bold visual statement as to an organisation’s environmental Credentials

Well designed and installed commercial solar panels can make a strong visual statement as to a business’s environment credentials and not just on the exterior of the building.

Ecotech Energy’s state-of-the-art monitoring and visualisation suite can dramatically demonstrate the environmental and cost benefits of a solar system at multiple points within the building. It can also be integrated into the company’s website.

  • Competitive advantage

In a competitive business environment, one thing is certain: companies will seek to exploit every opportunity to enhance their competitive advantage.

It is highly likely your competitors will soon be taking advantage of the benefits provided by a solar system and lowering their energy costs.

Business Case for Commercial Solar

The price of solar power has declined significantly over the past 5 years and this, coupled with recent electricity price rises, has meant that the business case for commercial solar panels is now extremely attractive.

In assessing the business case for solar, you need to consider the following:

  • The capital cost of the system (this may be $0 if a leasing option is selected)
  • The “yield” generated by the system (this comes in the form of reduced electricity consumption)

Ecotech Energy’s commercial solar consultants treat investing in solar as exactly that – a financial investment. We’ll happily provide you with a customised commercial solar proposal, which considers:

  • Your current electricity consumption patterns
  • Current and future electricity tariffs
  • Available roof space (including pitch and orientation)

The proposal will then provide details such as:

  • Capital cost
  • Expected yields
  • Investment returns
  • Payback period
  • NPV of the investment
  • Purchasing options (outright purchase, leasing, bank financing)

If you would like Ecotech Energy to prepare a proposal for your business, even just for solar panels for factories, telephone us on 1300 944 354 or send an email to info@ecotechenergy.com.au.

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