The following are common questions raised by consumers, if you are unable to find a suitable answer to your question please contact the team at Ecotech Solar by visiting our contact page.

Yes, although your Power Bills will vary. Consistently using less power than your solar system produces is the best way to reduce your power bill.

A solar hot water system uses the sun’s warmth to directly heat water.

A solar PV system converts sunlight into electricity for use in the home or to be fed into the electricity grid. The heat output from the sun is not important for a solar PV system, PV is the acronym for Photovoltaic which is the name given to the process of converting light energy (Photons) into electrical energy (Electrons), this electrical energy is in the form of DC (Direct Current) and is fed into the inverter that converts the DC into AC (Alternating Current) that is required to drive all your appliances.

All Solar PV panels sold by Ecotech Solar are provided with a 10 year replacement warranty plus a performance warranty of 25 years providing the consumer with peace of mind that their investment is supported well into the future. In addition the inverter is generally supplied with a 5 year replacement warranty by the manufacturer however in most cases this can be upgraded to 10 years or more with a Warranty Extension Plan however an additional cost will apply.

As soon as the system is inspected, paperwork has been signed by customer and the meter has been changed and/ or reprogrammed, this process can take up to 6 weeks.

Your system needs to be inspected by an electrical inspector (VIC only). The inspection is organized by Ecotech Solar and is included in the sale price of your system.

Yes. Solar panels should ideally be in full sun from at least 9am to 3pm. Solar panels produce less power when they are shaded and should be situated where there will never be any shadows on any of the panels. If you have shading issues an Ecotech Solar team member will discuss your best options for maximum benefit.

No. Grid-connected solar systems do not store electricity. Instead, any electricity you do not use in your home is exported automatically into the electricity grid.

The electricity from the solar power system will get used in your property first. Only the excess is fed back to the grid.

A feed-in tariff is a price that you will get paid for electricity you generate from sources such as solar power. The feed in tariff in Victoria is a net feed in tariff and only applies to the excess electricity that you export to the grid. All large retailers are required to offer their eligible customers both a standard and a premium feed in tariff. You can receive the feed in tariff by contacting your retailer once you have a solar power system installed with the correct metering in place.

The system will automatically shut down with a power outage and will switch back on when power is restored. If your system does not switch on when the power is restored follow the instructions in your owner’s manual or contact Ecotech Solar on 03 9744 3772 or 0408 177 708.

Yes. The Ecotech Solar sale price excludes the meter change over and grid connection. This cost varies from state to state depending on the energy provider and type of meter. To find out more information contact your energy provider.

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