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Off-grid solar power systems and battery storage

At Ecotech Energy, we provide solar power solutions for a variety of different uses and industries, including state of the art off-grid solar power systems and solar systems with battery storage. What separates an off-grid system from standard home and commercial solar systems is that it’s not connected to the electricity grid. All power generated by the solar system is stored in batteries, for use when you need it.

We also design and install solar power systems with battery storage that are connected to the grid, meaning you can store and use all the power you generate just like an off-grid system, with the backup of the grid if you need it.

State of the art
off-grid solar power systems

Living “off the grid” can mean many things. Whether it’s living on a remote property, or simply choosing to live in a self-sufficient and sustainable way. Whatever your off-grid lifestyle choice, we can help power your needs.

Our off-grid solar systems are designed to be fully independent of traditional electricity suppliers, and are fully capable of powering a wide range of applications. Whether it be for a new or existing home, a remote cattle station, business or an entire community that depends on diesel generators or unreliable power, our off-grid stand alone power systems are most often the cleanest and most cost effective solution.

off-grid solar battery
solar Battery Storage

Battery storage systems
for new or existing solar systems

Sick of selling your power you back to your supplier at rock bottom prices?
Want to get the most out of your solar system investment?
Or do you just want to use more sustainable energy?

Including battery storage in a new solar system or adding it to your existing solar system is a great way to generate and use your very own power and rely less on expensive electricity from the grid.

Technology has come a long way in recent years, and at Ecotech Energy we are at the forefront of designing and installing battery storage systems for home, work and in remote properties and communities.

We only source the best products available, ensuring your system runs at its best for many years to come.

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