Reusing & Recycling Your Old Tech

When it comes to recycling or reusing our gadgets and technology, it’s generally easier to just throw them away. But did you know that some of our most used gadgets are some of the harshest on our environment and need to be discarded in the correct manner?

But there are plenty of inventive ways to get more out of your old tech instead of dumping them! We’ve put together a list of great ways to upcycle and reuse your gadgets when its time to upgrade.

1. Old iPads & Tablets

Dedicated Kitchen Media Player:
Utilise your older generation tablet into a media device for your kitchen. It can be used to access your favourite recipes from the internet or save them on the hard drive, and you can bust out some tunes while you whip up a masterpiece in the kitchen. If you’re want to use it for more you can connect heaps of day to day stuff to it, including video doorbells so you can see who is at the door and your favourite messaging apps to stay connected to your friends and family.

Give it to the Kids:
One of the simplest ways to reuse your old gadgets is to give it to the kids to use. It’s also way cheaper than buying new iPads for everyone in the family!

Video chat device:
If you use skype or other video chat programs, keep your old tablet as a ‘video chat phone’. It will keep your daily device less cluttered and will help stop the dreaded battery drain.

e-Book Reader:
if you’re into your books, why not turn that old iPad into a e-reader. It’s a great way to store all your books in one place without taking up any space in your home. And if you want that latest bestseller, you won’t even have to leave home to get it – just download it!

2. Your Old Mobile Phone

Alarm Clock:
Take your old phone, download an alarm clock app and place it next to you bed on a nice stand. If you tend to hit snooze in the morning, it’s easy to grab the phone off its stand and keep it with you as you catch some more sleep.

TV Remote:
TVs and media streaming devices come with their own remote control. But those remotes tend to be a little small or can break easily. Whether you have Apple TV, Foxtel, Fetch or Android TV, chances are you will (or already have) lost the remote. Instead of buying a new one, though, you can use your phone. Each TV and media service has its own mobile app; download it on your old device, link your account, and use your phone as a fully functional remote.

Kids Device:
The little ones will love the idea of having their own ‘phone’, even when they can’t call or text anyone. Download some games and movies on it, and they can have a smartphone all to themselves. It also doubles as a great kids camera. And don’t worry, without a SIM card they can’t make any calls!

Music Player:
If you subscribe to a music-streaming service like Spotify or YouTube Music, you have access to just about any song ever made. Set up your old device up on a charging stand, and pop in some wireless earbuds or connect your phone to a Bluetooth speaker. Then crank up some tunes or tune into a podcast while cleaning the house, getting some work done, or just vegging out. It will also save heaps of juice on your current phone.

3. Old Computers & Laptops

Extra Screen(s):
Got an older desktop computer that just sits around taking up space and collecting dust? Why not use the monitor as a second screen for your laptop? Maybe even a TV in the bedroom?

Hard Drive:
Need some extra space on another computer or device? Try removing the hard drive and connecting it to another device to give it more storage space.

Convert it to a Server:
If you’re running a home network and have multiple users – you, your spouse, your kids – reusing it as network-attached storage device or even as an actual server may be just the ticket for an old system. Setting it up is relatively easy, but always ask someone for some help if you’re unsure.


Hopefully we’ve shared some great ideas for you to reuse your old gadgets and devices. And don’t forget you can always sell them for a bit of extra cash, or even donate them to your local school or charity. If you need to get rid of them, it’s best to use a recycling program suited to your gadget. There are plenty of specialty recycling options for phones and computers, and you may even get paid for your old device. And finally, remember to delete all your personal data from any old device.


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