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Solar Batteries – are they worth it?

We get a lot of questions in regards to solar batteries. Are they worth it? Should I wait? 

Like all new technology, there can be hesitation and confusion, and lots of different opinions. What can be bad about creating and using your own renewable energy? Especially during these strange times of uncertainty and increasing energy prices.

Battery Technology

Just like any product, there are new batteries released every year. Most new models include small improvements on previous models, but the underlying technology is essentially the same.

If you’ve seen a solar battery system from years ago, it may look like a set of car batteries all hooked up to a box of some description. Today’s modern batteries are lithium-ion, similar to those found in your laptop or phone, and are housed in a sleek container that can be wall mounted.

If you’re considering waiting for the next leap forward in battery technology, you could be waiting for some time. Today’s modern solar batteries are reliable, safe and affordable.

Are solar batteries really expensive?

The cost of solar batteries has come down in the last few years, due to increased competition and the availability of more products.

Where previously you were looking at a cost of anywhere between $25,000 to $40,000 for a battery system, nowadays a decent battery will cost anywhere from $9,000 upwards. And with government incentives and rebates, this cost can actually decrease dramatically, making solar and batteries an affordable energy investment.

How much storage do you need?

That all depends on the size of your solar system, and your usage. If you use lots of energy, then you will need to look at a bigger battery. Luckily, most batteries are modular, which means you can add additional batteries to your existing system.  

The biggest issue we face is during certain times of the year, household solar systems do not generate enough power to fill the batteries to 100%. This is especially relevant to the southern states of Australia during the Winter months.

One way to counter this is by using grid energy to top up your battery system when power is at its cheapest. Smart energy monitoring can assist with this and ensure you only pay for the power you need, at the lowest possible rate.

The aim of solar batteries is to use as much of your own energy, when you want it.

Our team can help you decide if a solar battery is right for you, and even show how much you can save on your energy costs. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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