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Store and save with Solar Batteries

If your producing power while you’re not at home, or if it’s generating more than you use, our battery solutions could be suitable.

With battery storage, you can store all the power you produce and use it when it suits you, including at night and even if the power goes out! And if your batteries are full, you still export power to the grid and get paid by your energy supplier.

Already have solar? We can add batteries to your existing system. Contact us to see if a battery storage solution is right for you. 

solar battery storage

Store & Save

Power your home with more of your energy. Instead of sending your excess power back to the grid and purchasing expensive power at night, store it and use when you need it.

Blackout Protection

Our solar battery systems can be installed to provide power even if there is a power outage, giving you more independence from expensive power companies.

Get Rewarded

Just like traditional solar, you can sell excess solar power back to the grid to receive a credit on your energy bill. You can also take advantage of time-based electricity tariffs.

Rebates & incentives

When investing in solar, you may be eligible for a range of state and federal government rebates or incentives.

These rebates can significantly reduce the up front purchase price and installation costs of your solar system.

Solar schemes vary between states, so we’ve compiled a quick list of current incentives available so you don’t have to go searching!

The national government provides an incentive for homes to install solar systems via the Small-Scale Energy Scheme. Every eligible solar system is issued with small-scale technology certificates (STCs). The number of certificates is based on the power generated and your location.

The total amount you will received will vary, as the price or value of STCs can change depending on market conditions.

More detailed information on calculating the amountand value of STCs can be found on the Clean Energy Regulator website.

The Victorian state government are subsidising the cost of installing solar and solar battery storage systems.

Eligible households can claim a discount on the cost of a solar panel power system, up to a maximum rebate of $1,888.

Eligible households can also claim a discount on the cost of a solar battery system, up to a maximum rebate of $4,838.

Households can also apply for an interest free loan for solar panels, up to the amount of their rebate.

You can find out more about Victoria’s solar rebates here.

If you are an eligible household or small business, the Queensland government is providing interest-free loans and grants for solar systems and solar battery storage.

Click here for more information and to see if you are eligible.

The ACT has committed to subsidising up to 5000 solar battery storage systems in homes and businesses through their Next Generation Energy Storage Grants program.

Find out more about the Next Generation program here.

If you are an eligible household in South Australia, you can qualify for a subsidy up to $6,000 and low interest finance on solar battery systems. 

Find out more about the South Australia’s Home Battery Scheme.

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