Solar Installation

Solar Panel Installation

With electricity bills on the rise for families and businesses alike, it comes as no surprise that many residential and commercial property owners are switching to solar power. They’re converting not only to reduce their energy bills, but also to reduce their carbon footprint. Solar panel installation enables you to harness the energy of the sun in order to convert that energy into electricity, thus relying less on the grid and enabling you to reduce your bills even further.

When you need affordable solar installation in Melbourne, look no further than Ecotech Energy for expert service and advice that benefits you.

What Does Solar Installation Involve?

The process of solar panel installation involves mounting a series of solar panels onto the roof of a house or commercial building. The sun shines onto the panels which – with the help of an inverter – converts the sunlight into DC electricity. While the solar installation usually gets fixed to the roof (this is typically the most appropriate location), in some cases Ecotech Energy can provide alternative options such as a ground mount system or shade awnings. The inverter will almost always be installed inside, away from the heat.

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Ecotech Energy can provide expert solar installation for properties in Melbourne and greater Victoria. You’ll not only benefit from our experience in helping you decide which system best suits your requirements, but you’ll also benefit when your reduced electricity bill hits your letterbox! Give us a call today on 1300 944 354 to discover how we can help you with your solar panel installation needs.

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