Solar Maintenance

Solar Panel Maintenance

Most people who have solar panels installed on their property do so to reap the benefits of having a highly efficient source of energy to power their home. But over time, particularly with Melbourne’s dynamic weather patterns blowing dirt, dust and all kinds of other materials through the air, panels can accumulate a build up of dirt and other debris, causing a reduction in efficiency. Luckily, with solar panel maintenance from Ecotech Energy, you can enjoy clean solar panels that will reliably work at their optimal level.

What Kind of Maintenance Is Required?

The beauty of solar panel maintenance is that the majority of panels do not feature any moving parts, so the need for substantial maintenance is minimal. Cleaning is often the most common requirement, and this only needs to be done a few times a year. If you want to tackle it yourself, clean off any loose dust with a garden hose. To remove anything a little tougher, use a squeegee attached to a long pole, much like you would see a window cleaner using, and make sure you use soapy water. This should loosen some of the tougher stains so they can be cleaned off with the garden hose.

If you plan on undertaking solar panel maintenance yourself, it’s important to avoid spraying cold water onto hot panels, as there’s the possibility they can crack.

Consult the Specialists Today

Ecotech Energy can provide expert solar panel maintenance services if your panels are too high to be cleaned safely or if you’d rather leave it in the hands of professionals. To find out how we can help you, give us a call today on 1300 944 354.

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