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Solar water pumping solutions for agriculture, farming and irrigation

Access surface or bore water simply, reliably and with no fuss when you install a solar pumping system from Ecotech Energy. Ideal for a range of uses within the agricultural industry, including irrigation and farming.

We can provide you with a solar water pumping solution that boasts a high level of energy efficiency and will work from the power generated by solar panels – even on cloudy days where direct sunlight is hard to come by. This solar powered pump is widely regarded as the leading cost-effective alternative to fossil fuelled generators that were used in the past.

We can design a range of options to suit your requirements, and to provide maximum efficiency and a great return on your investment.

How does a solar water pump work?

Whether you have bore or surface water, the solar powered pump is designed to work in similar ways.

Widely used on agricultural land to supply water to livestock, crops and other areas where water is required, the bore or surface solar pumping system is comprised of a series of solar panels that run an electric motor, which in turn powers the solar water pump. 

An additional energy source is not required to pump water from its source, as when the water is pumped it is fed directly into a storage tank that will often have a gravity feed, forgoing any need for an energy source.

solar water pumping

Find out more about solar pumping

Let one of our energy experts help you decide if a solar water pumping solution is right for you with a free no obligation energy assessment and quote. Give us a call on 1300 944 354 or hit the button below.

Benefits of our solar water pumping systems

Environmentally Friendly
No Pollution
Quiet Operation
Low Maintenance
No Grid Power Needed
Remove Expensive Fuel Costs
Long System Lifetime
Highly Versatile Uses

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