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Victoria adds more to renewable energy scheme

The Victorian Government has recently announced an additional $15.3 million injection into renewable energy investments to help reduce Victoria’s overall emissions.

The new investments are in addition to the current rebates and incentives on offer, including the Solar Homes Program and battery rebates for eligible households.

The new incentives will offer sports clubs and community groups a share of $10.3 million to improve their energy efficiency and help make these upgrades more affordable. The new program will also include allowing solar installations on publicly owned buildings and government owned land. What does this mean? If you’re a local community sporting club and use a council owned facility, you will be able to install solar energy and benefit from any grant or incentive.

Public housing is also a winner in the new scheme, with a $4m fund established to upgrade to energy efficient hot water systems and lighting in high-rise properties.

There are some additional features to the new scheme, which includes grants specifically for regional communities to invest in renewable energy systems.

For more information on the current and new solar incentives and available grants for community groups, visit the Vic Energy website.

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