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Want to go off-grid?

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Living “off the grid” can mean many things. Whether it’s living or working on a remote property, or simply choosing to live in a self-sufficient and sustainable way.

Whatever your off-grid lifestyle choice, we can help power your needs.

Our off-grid solar systems are designed to be fully independent of traditional electricity suppliers, and are fully capable of powering a wide range of applications. Whether it be for a new or existing home, a remote cattle station, business or an entire community that depends on diesel generators or unreliable power, our off-grid stand alone power systems are most often the cleanest and most cost effective solution.

How an off-grid solar power system works:


1 – Solar panels convert light into power

2 – The charge controller ensures the power is safely fed into batteries for storage

3 – The batteries store the power your system has generated to use when you need it

4 – The inverter converts the power to use in your home or business

5 – You can run an optional generator for back-up purposes



Off-grid solar systems are more reliable and cheaper than ever, and require little maintenance. Plus, you’ll never pay another electricity bill!

We are experts when it comes to off-grid solar systems with many happy customers. We only install the highest quality components, giving you peace of mind that you have a reliable power supply that will last.

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