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Why do solar quotes and prices vary so much?

price of solar

Like most things these days, when making a purchasing decision we generally look at a number of prices or quotes before we jump in. One thing you will notice is that prices for the same size solar system can vary considerably. Why you ask? Well, there are a few key reasons.

Cheap low quality solar panels and inverters
When choosing a solar system purely based on the lower price, you will no doubt end up with lower grade solar panels installed on your roof, along with a cheaper inverter that has a lower power generating capacity.

Using the cheaper products can significantly reduce the longevity and the performance of the system. And if the quote you have received doesn’t contain any information on the products they are using, be very wary. Some companies will state a generic ‘Tier 1’ solar panel in their pricing, but fail to declare the brand or output. And in some cases, they will even switch them out for cheaper ones without you knowing. Make sure you know exactly what panels you are buying (including the brand and model number) and read any terms and conditions before signing up.

One area where solar companies can reduce costs considerably is the installation. By using inexperienced installers, or worse, unlicensed installers, it can take thousands off the cost to them. Poor quality installations also put you at risk with having a poor performing or faulty solar system. Always look for accreditations from the Clean Energy Council or Master Electricians.

Warranties & Guarantees
Warranties are there to protect you and your investment. There are several warranties that should be included with your system, including;

  • Workmanship or Installation Warranty (minimum 5 years)
  • Solar Panel Warranty (min 10 years)
  • Solar Panel Performance Warranty (min 25 years)
  • Inverter Warranty (min 5 years)

Where a quote you receive does not clearly show the above as a minimum, you can be sure that there’s something not quite right. Reputable solar companies invest and stand by their products, and will have the necessary support staff to manage any questions.

Customer Service
It’s one thing to be sold a solar system by a very friendly salesperson, but once you hand over your hard earned money, they all seem to disappear!

Professional and reputable solar companies will have trained customer service and after-sales staff to support their customers. Make sure you ask about what service is provided after installation, and for their contact details before you sign anything. Most unscrupulous operators save money by having untrained and inexperienced staff, or by not having any after-sales or customer service staff at all.

So, when comparing solar quotes and prices, make sure you look at all the factors that go into the cost. Saving a few dollars now can cost you a whole lot more in a few years time. For advice or for a no obligation quote for your solar system, get in touch with one of our energy experts today.

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