World’s First Solar Train
All aboard the sun train!

Australia’s very own (and world first) solar train is coming up on its second birthday, but you’ve probably never even heard about it!

Running out of picturesque Byron Bay, the train runs almost exclusively on the sun’s power. In another world-first, the train uses flexible and curved solar panels installed along the carriage’s roof, allowing the train carriages to retain their heritage look and appeal.

In addition to the 6.5kW of solar power capacity on its roof, the train’s storage shed also has solar panels installed which can generate an additional 30kW of power to recharge the train’s batteries. This means the train can run almost exclusively off power collected straight from the sun. The train service also generates so much additional energy that it’s able to supply residual energy back to a local green energy supplier, to power a number of nearby homes.

This solar train project showcases just one of the ways that solar technology and research can completely transform Australia’s transport system and help tackle climate change at the same time.

For more information on the Byron Bay Solar Train, visit byronbaytrain.com.au.


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